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Slave Setup

Starting with nbsp-2.0, a slave can read from several masters simultaneously. The intention is that a slave can be configured to receive different sets of products from different providers.

To setup a network slave, the following settings must appear in the file

  • site/nbspd.conf
set feedmode   2

Then the masterservers must be set to specify the protocol, server and port of the master(s), and optionally the five options


The masterservers is a string of the form


where the separating character can be any combination of the characters

: \t\n

for example

set masterservers {

If the <options> are omited, or if some of the fields are empty (as in the third entry) or set to a non-numeric value (as in the fourth), then the defaults (set in nbspd.conf) are used for those fields.

In protocol 1 the entire file content is transmitted, while in 2 only the location (full path) of the file is transmitted but this requires the following two additional steps:

1. The master ( must export by NSF the spool directory

  • /var/noaaport/nbsp/spool

2. The slave must mount that directory and make it accessible. If it is mounted also as

  • var/noaaport/nbsp/spool

then nothing further is needed. Otherwise, in

  • nbspd.conf

the variable

set spooldir        "/var/noaaport/nbsp/spool"

must be changed to reflect the actual mount point.

See also master-setup.

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