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Master Setup

A master is enabled by setting one or both variables

	set feature(nbs1server)         1
	set feature(nbs2server)         1


  • features.conf

No further steps are required for a machine to act as master.

A more specialized master mode involves using a pure memory-based spool instead of the disk-based spool that is normally used. Such a mode is suitable for a setup in which one machine (the master) will act exclusively as an ingest machine without doing any processing itself, that will feed one or more processing machines that are configured as slaves.

For configuring this specialized master mode, the variable


must be set appropriately in features.conf. See mspoolbdb.readme.


One important consideration to take into account in a master-slave configuration is the latency of the connection between the two machines. Inside a LAN there is not much to worry about. The default settings have been chosen with that particular case in mind. But in a connection accross a WAN the latency can have various consequences, including the client queues growing and the connections being dropped.

For the first problem the netfilter can be used to limit the number of products to send to the client. For the second problem, the parameters


can be used adjusted in nbspd.conf to control the timeout limits in the master respectively.

Starting with nbsp-2.0, after a client disconnects for some reason, the server will keep the client's queue state for the amount of time indicated in client_reconnect_wait_sleep_secs, and then check if that same client has connected again. It the client remains disconnected, it will repeat that loop until the number of times indicated in client_reconnect_wait_sleep_retry is reached. If the client has connected again in any of those cycles, then the server resumes the transmission to the client at the point where the transmision was suspended. Otherwise the client's queue state is deleted and if that same client connects again it will be treated as an entirely new connection. Those parameters can also be set on a per-client basis through the variable clientoptions in the nbspd.conf configuration file.

See also slave-setup.readme and netfilter.conf.

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