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Setting up reading from a WX14 ethernet device

The WX14 has two ethernet ports. One of the ports transmits different kinds of messages, identified by a header. Some of those messages contain emwin data and others contain, for example, signal status information. The port transmits pure raw emwin data continously. We will refer to these ports as the message port and the data port, respectively.

Npemwin can use either one of those ports. In order to have Npemwin read from either port of the wx14 device, the appropriate line must appear in the file

  • servers.conf

A commented example is given in the default file. If the other lines are commented, then npemwin will read exclusively from the device. Otherwise, it will try the servers listed there when reading from the device fails beyond a certain threshold.

Although the default servers.conf can be edited directly, the recommended procedure is to create the file

  • site/npemwind.conf

(within the main configuration directory) with the line

set serverslist     "/usr/local/etc/npemwin/site/servers.conf"

Then in that same site subdirectory create the file servers.conf with appropriate entries as follows.

To read from the message port, 7002


@    7002

If the ip (first column) starts with one ampersand ('@') as above, then it is asumed that the port (7002) is the wx14 message port. Alternatively, if the ip column contains two ('@@') ampersands, for example 7003


@@    7003

then it is assumed that port 7003 is the raw emwin data port. In any case, substitute 7002 (or 7003) for the appropriate ethernet port of the wx14 device.

When the wx14 message port is used ('@' address form), two status files will be produced,

* /var/npemwin/stats/wx14signal.status * /var/npemwin/stats/wx14signal.log

The status file has only one record, the latest, written as soon as Npemwin detects a signal status package coming. The same record is appended to the log file. The log file is rotated everyday as with the other files in that same directory.

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