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Setting up reading from a serial device

In order to have npemwin read from a serial device, the appropriate line must appear in the file

  • servers.conf

A commented example is given in the default file. If the other lines are commented, then Npemwin will read exclusively from the device. Otherwise, it will try the servers listed there when reading from the device fails beyond a certain threshold.

Although the default

  • servers.conf

can be edited directly, the recommended procedure is to create the file

  • site/npemwind.conf

(in the main configuration directory) with the line

set serverslist     "/usr/local/etc/npemwin/site/servers.conf"

and then in that same site subdirectory create the file

  • servers.conf

with the line such as

/dev/cuau0  9600,n,8,1

optionally followed by the betwork servers if desired. In this way the site edits will not overrriden when the npemwin package is re-installed.

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