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Npemwin is an emwin server. It can be configured to connect to a list of EMWIN servers, to a Noaaport Nbsp server or to a directly attached (emwin) serial device, and redistribute the data stream via the Byte Blaster protocol. An Npemwin server can be registered as a bb server and join the iEmwin Pool Project.

In any case, it will save all the files in a directory based on file type and WFO ID. Extensive facilities allow to call a script for each complete file received for post-processing (alarms/notifications, database insertion, etc). It can in turn serve any number of byte blaster clients (including of course other instances of npemwin itself).

What to do next

Npemwin can be customized in many ways. The best route to take is to install a package (bsd, deb, rpm) and start the program. It will work without any further configuration, as long as the package installs cleanly (no missing libraries, etc). In that default configuration, it will connect to the master emwin servers.

The built-in web server can be accessed through


where <name_or_ip> stands for the name or ip of the computer running Npemwin. The raw data will be saved in the directory /var/npemwin/files, and the DA/GR compatible formatted files in the directory


If this directory is exported (e.g., Samba or NFS), the data files can be used with several programs, including Digital Atmosphere, GrLevel and IDV.

From another computer, the above directory is accessible through


Similarly, the GR application can access the warnings through the URL


After getting a feeling of what the program does, customizations can be tried and the way to start is by reading the few README files in the configuration directory (etc/npemwin/dist) and the notes below.

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