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Registering as a bbserver

Npemwin can register itself as public BB server with the NW master host. This should be used only if Npemwin is configured to read from a NWS bytesblaster server or from a serial device.

However, two configuration settings must be made to enable this. The relevant file is

  • bbserver.conf

and the settings are:

set bbserver(addrandport) "A0.0.0.0:2211";

where the correct ip and port should appear, and

set bbserver(configured) 0;

which should be set to 1. The default port 2211 is appropriate, but the must be replaced by the correct name or ip.

Two additional settings that should be revised are:

set bbserver(privacy) "SPU";    # or SPR for private
set bbserver(rate)    "DE9600"; # or DW for internet

No additional changes are strictly required.

To make it easier in the cases in which the ip changes dynamically, the ip can be specified in the form

set bbserver(addrandport) "A/etc/myip:2211";

where /etc/myip is the full path of a file whose first line is your external ip address. In this case a simple script can be configured to run in the scheduler.conf file to get the ip (from a service such as dyndns or whatismyip) and write it to that file.

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