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Summary of the master and slave settings

Settings in the master to write to clients

Milliseconds to wait while writing to network clients, and how many more times to try if a timeout occurs:

set client_write_timeout_ms    5000
set client_write_timeout_retry 2

How long the server thread of each client waits for a client to reconnect and how many times to wakeup and check before droping the client.

set client_reconnect_wait_sleep_secs  10
set client_reconnect_wait_sleep_retry 6

The parameter client_queue_read_timeout_ms specifies the timeout for reading from these queues by the servers' threads that service the individual network client connections.

set client_queue_read_timeout_ms  10000

If we send the radar files for one or two sites, then it is better to use something like a 10 minute timeout while reading from the queue; same thing for the infifo. So set that as the default

set client_queue_read_timeout_ms [expr 600 * 1000]

These client_xxx parameters, can be set on a per-host basis by setting this variable

set clientoptions {,2000,2,10,12,10000,10000,10000,x,x,12

Settings in a slave

The reading timeout (in seconds), retry attempts and how long to wait (in seconds) before trying to reconnect.

set slave_read_timeout_secs    10

Timeout for reading from the master (fifo in the case of the level2)

set slave_read_timeout_secs     60
set slave_read_timeout_retry    2
set slave_reopen_timeout_secs   1

The tcp buffer size; -1 leaves the default.

set slave_so_rcvbuf -1

How often the slave threads report the stats (in seconds).

set slave_stats_logperiod_secs 60

The masterservers is a string of the form


where the separating character can be any combination of //| \t\n//;
for example

set masterservers {
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