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Configuring a Tier1 Slave server

To configure a tier-1 slave, just install the Nbsp package and then execute

nbspreconfigure tier1

The documentation provided below is outdated but is left there for reference purposes.

To configure a tier1 slave that connects to the nbsp1 root master, locate the two files

  • features-tier1.conf-ex
  • nbspd-tier1.conf-ex

in the nbsp configuration directory /usr/local/etc/nbsp/dist. Those two files should be copied (and renamed) as

  • /usr/local/etc/nbsp/site/features.conf
  • /usr/local/etc/nbsp/site/nbspd.conf

That is it. To change the root master, that nbspd.conf file must be edited to replace 1.nbsp by 2.nbsp, or by any other root master.

To receive data from two masters (e.g., one text feed and one radar feed), the following setting can be made in the nbspd.conf file

set masterservers {

or even more masters, to receive different types of files from each.

Note that, in order to configure your server to receive a slave feed, the following line must also appear in the site/nbspd.conf file

set feedmode     2

For reference, copies of the files features-tier1.conf-ex and nbspd-tier1.conf-ex are included below.

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