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Joining the pool is easy, but the server and the installation site must meet some requirements:

  • The server should be sufficiently exposed that Emwin clients are allowed to connect through the officially assigned emwin port 2211.
  • Similarly for port 8016 used by the built-in Npemwin web server.
  • The server owner or administrator should stay current with the Npemwin software.

What to send

In short, what we need is the FQDN of the server, the name and contact email address of the server owner, and the physical location of the server. The FQDN is the full domain name of the server, for example Those that have a dynamically assigned IP, which can change from time to time, should subscribe to one of the free services such as dyndns or zonedit, to arrange that their FQDN always resolve to the current IP. The physical location, which should be the given as the state abbreviation and zipcode (e.g. tx75080), is generally useful for tracking outages that affect a general area and similar issues.

Where to send

Send an email to

In the first three lines of the body of the message write the server's FQDN, owner's name and contact email address, and the state/zip combination each on a separate line. If you desire to add a message, leave a blank line and write the message starting on the next line. There is no need to write anything specific in the Subject line. Thus, for example, a message should look like:

Subject: join
Jose F Nieves <nieves @>

Hi, I wish to join the iEmwin Pool Project.


What you get

The main relevant piece of information that you will receive is the name of your server in the iEmwin pool, or simply your server's pool name. It will be of the form

where n is an integer, thus for example

Associated with this name, an email address (your server's pool email) of the form

8.pool @

will also have been created, as an alias to the email address that you submitted in the message. The next step is to edit the bbserver.conf file to define some required parameters, using in particular your server's pool name and pool email just assigned.

Configuring the bbserver.conf file

Those two pieces of information, the pool name and pool email should be used to set the value of the variables


Thus assuming, for example, that the pool name that you received was

then automatically there is a corresponding pool email assigned

8.pool @

and the relevant settings in bbserver.conf would be

set bbserver(addrandport) "";
set bbserver(serveradmin) "";

The other settings in that file can be left at their default values or modified if desired. Finally, this variable must be set

set bbserver(configured) 1;

and your server is ready to start.

A completed configuration file would look as follows:

# Sample bbserver.conf file
set bbserver(addrandport) "";
set bbserver(maxclients) "M64";
set bbserver(privacy) "SPU";	# or SPR for private
set bbserver(rate)    "DW";	# or "DE9600" or "DE19200"
set bbserver(version) "V2.0";
set bbserver(protocol) "P12";
set bbserver(location) "LC-npemwin";
set bbserver(serveradmin) "";
set bbserver(configured) 1;

It is even easier if you take the attached bbserver-pool.conf template configuration file and change the value of the variable

set bbserver(poolid) 2

that appears there to the value that was assigned to your server.

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