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 +==== Nbsp ====
 +Noaaport Broadcast System Processor and Software Collection for processing,
 +distributing and archiving the contents of the Noaaport data stream.
 +  * [[projects:​nbsp:​getting-started|Getting started]]
 +  * [[projects:​nbsp:​howtos|Howtos]]
 +  * [[http://​​files/​nbsp-readmes|Readme files]]
 +  * [[projects:​nbsp:​articles|Articles]]
 +==== Npemwin ====
 +Npemwin is an emwin server. It can be configured to connect to a list of
 +EMWIN servers, to a Noaaport Nbsp server or to a directly attached (emwin)
 +serial device, and redistribute the data stream via the Byte Blaster protocol.
 +  * [[projects:​npemwin:​howtos:​getting-started|Getting started]]
 +  * [[projects:​npemwin:​howtos|Howtos]]
 +  * [[http://​​files/​npemwin-readmes|Readme files]]
 +  * [[projects:​npemwin:​articles|Articles]]
 +==== Npstats ====
 +System for collecting and analyzing the statistics of a
 +Noaaport installation,​ for monitoring the signal level and quality.
 +  * [[projects:​npstats:​overview|Overview]]
 +==== Novramon ====
 +Simple program for monitoring the Novra family of receivers.
 +==== NbspGisLib ====
 +C programs and library for converting Noaaport radar (nids) and sat (gini)
 +files to shapefiles. The library and programs are used by Nbsp in the
 +A standalone version of the library and programs is maintained in
 +[[http://​|Bitbucket]] and a tutorial is
 +==== WRFPak ====
 +Ready-to-use package of the Weather Research Forecast (WRF) model program
 +and utilities, and a Tcl and shell scripting interface to drive regional
 +model runs.
 +Code, tutorials and binary packages ara available in
 +==== iEmwin ====
 +The [[http://​|iEmwin Pool Project]]
 +is a collaboration to maintain and monitor a
 +virtual cluster (pool) of Emwin Byte Blaster servers, which are identified
 +in a systematic fashion by a FQDN rather than an IP, with a corresponding
 +administrative contact email as well as local information that may be be
 +relevant for the overall administration of the system.
 +  * [[projects:​iemwin:​joining|Joining]] the iEemwin Pool Project
 +==== iNoaaport ====
 +Nbsp-based system for distributing the contents of the Noaaport data
 +stream via the internet in near real-time.
 +  * Configuring a [[projects:​inoaaport:​root|root server]]
 +  * Configuring a [[projects:​inoaaport:​tier1|tier1 slave server]]
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